The 1964 Tempest GTO was Nothing Short of a Legend

The 1964 Tempest GTO was an amazing vehicle that got noticed the moment it was introduced. Few at that time would have ever envisioned that it would become a legend in the history of great muscle cars. Another reason that consumers loved it was the price. It was more than $1,000 cheaper than other muscle cars at that time and it offered some great options, too.

The 1964 Tempest GTO offered an A-style body that was very similar to that of the Chevelle, which is a vehicle by Chevrolet. It was also a muscle car that offered room for six. Instead of a vehicle that would seat four or five like most muscle cars, it provided room for more. This was a design that had two bench seats instead of any single chairs in the vehicle.

The power under the hood of the 1964 Tempest GTO was the result of a newly designed drive train. Another reason that it was so powerful is that the body design was very lightweight. In fact, many will tell you that they feel this was the first real muscle car, but that is a subject that people will continue debate.

While the 1964 Tempest GTO may not get the same attention as other early muscle cars, it has certainly earned its place among them. It is a legend in its own right and continues to be a great vehicle to get your hands on. The cost to buy one and restore it is also going to be less than what you would pay for some other brands and models of muscle cars. If your budget is a key factor in such a project, you may want to check out what you can do to restore a 1964 Tempest GTO to its original glory.




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Two Classic Muscle Cars – the GTO vs. the Mustang GT

If you want to get a heated debate going on among muscle car enthusiasts, all you have to do is mention the Pontiac GTO vs. the Mustang GT! This rivalry is one that goes back to the very early years of muscle cars. The vehicles we are talking about here include the 1964 to 1974 models of the Pontiac GTO and the 1965 to 1970 models of the Mustang GT.

The GTO came out first by a year and it was a very well-received muscle car by consumers. In fact, many refer to it as the first real muscle car ever. The GT came out in 1965 and it was the design of a retired race car driver. The idea was to reduce weight, improve suspension, and to offer a more powerful engine.

Both the GTO and the GT offered a great deal of power under the hood. As the years went by, the overall power of these engines got better and better. The improvements in other areas of the engine also allowed for more power to be had with a lighter engine. These two vehicles were such tough competitors that they continued to drive their respective companies to improve concepts year after year. However, this only made it more of a challenge for consumers to decide which of these outstanding muscle cars they wanted to call their own.

In the end, though, it really comes down to a personal decision. Some people absolutely love the physical appearance of the Pontiac GTO. They are also partial to it because it wasn’t as well recognized as the Mustang GT. Others have a passion for the Mustang and they will always be loyal to it. No matter which side of this fence you are on, though, you have to admit that both of these models of muscle cars paved the way for others to follow.


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The Classic 1968 GTO is and Always Will be a Muscle Car

Over the years muscle cars have come and gone, but the classic 1968 GTO will always be one that gets fondly remembered. The GTO came out in 1964 and it was doing well initially, but the design changes and the power of the classic 1968 GTO are what really make it a significant muscle car. The 1968 model was designed specifically to be seen as a high-performance racing vehicle.

Some of the significant changes to the 1968 GTO model had to do with the four-barrel carburetor. There were also significant changes to the body style that made it striking to the eye. It appeared very tough, and the aerodynamics and overall handling at fast speeds were improved with this new design. It was an idea that the engineers took a risk with. They worked along with their engine builders to create a muscle car that was able to appeal to the youth who were looking for speed at a reasonable price.

However, the demand for this particular vehicle began to fade as time went on. By 1974, the GTO was no longer being made. This was due to high fuel rates, emission laws, and racing laws. People were turning to the tracks in lieu of street racing due to the laws cracking down on it.

Today you can still find some 1968 GTO vehicles out there on the road that have been well cared for. Many of them have been restored with various elements that make them more comfortable. There are also kits that can allow them to be modified to offer safety features that weren’t offered back then. This vehicle will always be in the vault of fabulous muscle cars. It is in good company!

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